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Writing Rates and Project Procedures

As of August 29, 2013

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ServiceProject Fees
ArticlesFrom $300
BooksFrom $2,500
Book chaptersFrom $800
BrochuresFrom $250
Business Letters (one page)From $150
Business Letters (two page)From $250
Case StudiesFrom $400
Cover LettersFrom $150
Fundraising LettersFrom $350
ManualsFrom $1,200
NewslettersFrom $300
ReportsFrom $350
ResumesFrom $200
Sales LettersFrom $300
Web site contentFrom $120 per page
White papersFrom $600
WorkbooksFrom $1,200
Other materialsBased on details of project
Extensive/RewritingBased on details of project
Basic EditingBased on details of project
ServiceHourly Fees
Writing3$60 per hour
Editing4$60 per hour
Research Services5$45 per hour
Writing Consultation6$60 per hour

1 Fees for writing projects are based on several factors including number of pages, design specifications, complexity of the subject matter, content development assistance, and amount of research that has to be conducted to write the material.

2 Fees for editing projects are based on the length of the material, complexity of material, and the level of editing needed.

3 An hourly fee may be charged for some writing projects. An estimate is provided based on the following activities: discussions with clients, content development, research, writing, and revisions. Hourly fee-based projects do not include one round of revisions at no additional cost. A minimum of one hour will be charged for projects.

4 An hourly fee may be charged for some editing projects. An estimate is provided based on the level of editing needed. Hourly fee-based projects do not include one round of revisions at no additional cost. A minimum of one hour will be charged for projects.

5 Research services involve gathering information via the Internet on specified topics.

6 Writing consultations include critiquing clients' materials, content development, and helping clients strengthen their business writing skills.

1.1 Rush Delivery Fee

A fee equal to 15% of the project's cost will be added to projects that require quick turnaround. The length and complexity of the project and the timeframe for completion determine whether a rush delivery fee will be charged.

1.2 Initial Discussion

An initial discussion via telephone (773-405-5916) or e-mail is provided (at no-cost) to determine the nature of the project.

1.3 Revisions to Materials

Fixed-Rate Projects
Project fees include one round of revisions based on the client's changes to the first draft of the material. The revisions are based solely on the description of the writing/editing project per the agreement. Examples of first round revisions that will require additional costs include the following:

  • Complete rewriting of material
  • Adding significant amounts of information to the material
  • Conducting additional research to add information to the material
  • Changing the purpose of the material, which will require rewriting
  • More extensive editing than was agreed upon
  • Other unforeseen or unique circumstances

Clients have 21 days from the date that the first drafts of the materials are delivered to request the first round revision. *The second and all other rounds of revisions will be billed at $45 per hour.*

Hourly-Fee Projects
Hourly fee-based projects do not include one round of revisions at no additional cost. All work completed on these projects is billed at $45 per hour.

1.4 The Process

  1. A consultation is arranged to gather preliminary project information.
  2. I draw up an agreement that outlines the project and includes information about the delivery date, project costs, and payment terms.
  3. A 50% deposit is paid via credit card or Bitcoin.
  4. Both parties agree to the project terms.
  5. The deposit is paid.
  6. Once the agreement has been signed and the deposit received, the work is completed.
  7. The remaining fee is charged/paid when the first draft of the material is ready to be delivered to the client.
  8. Revisions are made to the first draft (if needed) per the terms of the agreement (See Section 1.3).
  9. Additional fees are charged/paid at the time updated drafts are ready to be sent to the client.

1.5 Payment Methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Bitcoins

1.6 Refund Policy 

If the project/agreement is terminated before the work has been completed, Consultant will issue a refund of the deposit/retainer less compensation for services rendered.

Refunds will be calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked on the project (at the time of termination) by an hourly fee of $45 and subtracting the total from the amount of the retainer or deposit. This formula will be used for both hourly-fee projects and fixed-priced projects.

If compensation exceeds the deposit or retainer at the time of termination, Consultant will charge Client for the outstanding balance and send the Client the work completed at the time of termination.

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