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Memos are an effective mode of business communication.

A memo is a written document used for internal business communications.  It is brief – usually one page – and is distributed in hard copy form.  It is used to provide information, persuade to take action, record information, or make a request. Listed below are situations in which memos are typically used.

Effective memos focus on the needs and interests of the reader. They are targeted to a particular audience and only cover one subject. To be most effective the memo should be well-organized and easy to understand. Clear, concise, and credible are three words that describe an effective memo.

Is the frequent use of emails making the memo obsolete?  Maybe. But a memo can be formatted to be more formal. In certain cases a formal mode of communication is absolutely necessary.  Besides in-boxes are often bombarded with emails, so a memo might have a better chance of grabbing and holding the recipient’s attention.

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